alleyway2-300x225 BLOG 7: 100 WRITING PROMPTS

If you’re anything like me, you might enjoy today’s blog. As a poet, I often get my ideas from random phrases I read/hear. Some of my best poems have come from this. If you’ve read my poem Jitty Life from my new collection, Wallflower, you’ll know I talk about an infamous character called ‘Dan the Man’. This was a piece of graffiti I saw on my travels. Yes, well guessed, I was walking through a jitty (alleyway) when I saw it. This sparked the idea for the poem ‘Jitty Life’.

So for today’s blog I’m going to leave you a list of 100 writing prompts or phrases that could maybe help you put pen to paper if you’re struggling for ideas. I hope you find it useful.

If any ideas do arises or if you produce any work as a result of these prompts, share it with me and I’ll feature it on the site. I would love to read it.

Without further ado, let’s get down to it.

  1. The girl in blue.
  2. My grandmother had a dirty mind.
  3. He said “Close your eyes until I say otherwise.”
  4. Write a story that switches between POV.
  5. Write a stort that switches between past and present.
  6. “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” – Stephen Hawking.
  7. I placed a rose on my sister’s coffin, and she started laughing again.
  8. The hardest part was pulling the trigger.
  9. Reincarnation exists.
  10. Everyone around you was born with a unique code tattooed on their wrist. You wasn’t.
  11. You wake up in a prison cell.
  12. “Stop bleeding. You’re making a mess.”
  13. Our love was like playing rock, paper, scissors.
  14. Everything night at 11.58pm, I hear the same girl screaming “Get out.”
  15. She bored me with her jokes.
  16. Sydney was terrified of the world.
  17. He had a chest tattoo that read “Don’t enter. Dead inside.”
  18. Grab the nearest book. Turn to page 32. Use the first sentence as your last sentence.
  19. The nurse’s station was empty.
  20. An envelope slid under the door.
  21. Mother took the cake out of the oven and threw it in the bin. It looked good to me.
  22. “Where are your pjyamas?”
  23. I dumped her after I slept with her. There was no story there.
  24. I like chaos.
  25. The man from flat 2B.
  26. Pick a line from your favourite song. Use at least one word from this line, in each line of a poem.
  27. Craft a poem that has ten lines, with ten syllables, about ten different things you either love or hate.
  28. He eyes said ‘territory’.
  29. I took my hands away from her throat and got the worst case of ‘deja vu’.
  30. She stood in the doorway, wearing red underwear that looked similiar to my girlfriends. I took them off.
  31. We loved the rain.
  32. Crocodile tears.
  33. He had ripped his jeans trying to be clever.
  34. Should I comfort the crying woman? She’s getting mascara on her wedding dress.
  35. Use a quote from your favourite movie and have your protaganist say this to the antagonist.
  36. My funeral was the worst day ever.
  37. As part of a new law, everyone must be inside during the hours of 9pm-6am. No exceptions.
  38. You discover a wallet in an alleyway. There is a picture of you inside.
  39. The lady on the bus kept calling me ‘George’.
  40. You’re flying your drone on the beach and witness a murder.
  41. A child knocks on your door and asks if he can hide inside.
  42. We went together like beans on toast.
  43. Yesterday, it seemed like a good idea.
  44. Write in the POV of an inanimate object.
  45. Write in the POV of a body part.
  46. Why can I see myself on the windshield?
  47. Rubik’s cube.
  48. Eric always brings me the cucumbers he grows in his greenhouse.
  49. A crooked umbrella.
  50. My reflection just blinked.
  51. She was like cancer.
  52. “Happy Deathday”
  53. Write a love story that takes place in prison.
  54. The day I lost my virginity…
  55. Our love was like a game of chess.
  56. Write a story where you’re a demon possessing a human.
  57. My toes peered over the edge. They liked the feeling.
  58. We’ve been married for fifty years, and our conversations are like flies stuck in cobwebs.
  59. I came face to face with my doppelgänger today.
  60. He said his name was Bob but his namebadge read ‘Larry’.
  61. All my colleagues disappeared.
  62. My neighbour always bangs on the wall at 6am.
  63. You receive an email saying ‘I’m alive’.
  64. Rewrite a modern version of a fairytale. Make it into a horror.
  65. There was magic in her bones.
  66. I dream of him, dreaming of me.
  67. Write a short story using these three items: a blindfold, a passport and  a teddy bear.
  68. A coffee cup with lipstick stains.
  69. Muddy shoes in the winter.
  70. Write a letter to your 10 year old self.
  71. The homeless man is talking to himself.
  72. She shops here everyday and always buys pickles.
  73. Open a book to page 6. Use the fourth line as inspiration for a poem.
  74. “How did you get that scar?”
  75. She was like static electricity.
  76. Sometimes, when I’m alone…
  77. The taxi driver was a creep.
  78. I hate August.
  79. It soon became normal.
  80. Everyone must wear a ‘warning label’. What does your protagonists say?
  81. Write in the POV of a poem that does not want to be written.
  82. Write a story in six words.
  83. “Please don’t shoot.”
  84. “Are you single?”
  85. The lady in the green scarf.
  86. Write a poem with five syllables in each line, five lines in each stanza and five stanzas in the poem. About five things you regret.
  87. What is your protagonsit guilty pleasure?
  88. He was a curse.
  89. Describe the days of the week as if they were people.
  90. It only happened once. But it was enough.
  91. My EX just moved in next door.
  92. Write from the POV of a five year old.
  93. I didn’t know what I was capable of.
  94. Write a story that includes these three items: a banana, a blind woman and stolen rucksack.
  95. The earth is being evacuated. Why?
  96. Write about a world where people work at night and rest all day.
  97. Life without her would not be worth living.
  98. I will never be done with the world.
  99. She was an animal in the bedroom.
  100. “Be happy” she said. Best advice ever.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed this list of 100 prompts and found it useful. Don’t forget to share your ideas with me if any come to mind. I love to see what you’re working.

But that wraps up today’s blog. Same time, same place for tomorrow’s blog. And as always, many thanks for reading.


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