I’ve been asking you all, all over social media for a while now, how YOU would define poetry. I also asked what poetry means to you. And the response… has been crazy.

Guys, some of these answers are like poetry in themselves. I wanted to share some of these with you. Please note that I’m not giving out any names or shoutouts, but I’m happy to tell you where these answers reside from. It’s really quite amazing to see how one’s pespective of poetry differs around the world.

I picked twenty very different, very interesting answers. Check them out and leave your thoughts below.


  1. “Thats like asking, “What is art?” I define poetry as a written piece that intently uses specific words in specific places to give the reader a specific feeling.”
    [31-40 year, Male — Chicago, USA]

2. “A rhythmic portrayal of a story, using beat and shape to symbolise emotion and theme.
[18-24, Female — Stoke, England]

3. “Creative Expression.”
[31-40 year, Female — Topeka, USA]

4. “Short, thought-provoking, often rhyming passage.”
[25-30, Male — Derby, England]

5. “Venting out emotions and painting pictures with words.”
[31-40, Female — New Dehli, India]

6. “Beautiful pieces of art, created with words.”
[18-24, Female — Derby, England]

7. “Emotion translated into written word, seeking to bond with the emotions of witnesses, as it tries to become emotion once more.”
[18-24, Male — New York, USA]

8. “Written art.”
[18-24, Female –Llandrindod Wells, Wales]

9. “Detailed pieces of your soul, bounded by double meaning, countless editing spurs, long nights, coffee runs, blood, sweat and tears.”
[18-24, Female — Derby, England]

10. “Poetry can be anything and everything.”
[18-24, Female — Leed, England]

11. “Being able to express the wonderful in the mundane, to see the beauty in things others often take for granted. To create music with words.”
[18-24, Male — Telford, England]

12. “Honesty. An expression of feelings and ideas through words that are organised beautifully. It is a story or an adventure.”
[18-24, Female — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

13. “A way of releasing your emotions and portray situations in any light you want. It has some kind of therapeutic element to it and is something you can do as a hobby or as a means to escape reality.”
[18-24, Female — Amsterdam, Netherlands]

14. “Words from the soul.”
[31-40, Male — Tranmere, England]

15. “Sentiments from the heart.”
[18-24, Female — Nottingham, England]

16. “Poetry, in my opinion, are well crafted lines turning ordinary words into extraordinary and beautiful meanings.”
[18-24, Female — Towcester, England]

17. “Any lines that promote freedom of expression”
[18-24, Female — Temple, USA]

18. “Something that rhymes.”
[25-30, Female — Derby, England]

19. “Creativity in motion.”
[41-50, Female — Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA]

20. “Poetry is what you make it.”
[18-24], Male — Birmingham, England]

Guys, let me know which of these responses were your favourite/least favourite? Do you agree/disagree with any of these statements? What does poetry mean to you? Tell me in the comments below.

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