Ready to feel the love?

This poem is another favourite of mine. It’s one of those soppy love poems that I know you all LOVE.

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Stories Through Wine Bottles

Tasting a ‘trust me’ kiss, as you hold my
Heart in your coat pocket for safe-keeping.
Inside your mind is a fucking wonderland,
Speaking music until it makes me dance.

I have never been in the mood for endless
Soul-searching between the sleepless nights but
Nights are for soul-searching, right?
Through to morning light I-still-question-my-life.

Everything is beautiful when you enter the room.
Veins are split open to reveal the truth.
Everyone is bleeding behind the bulletproof,
Raining like the world just collapsed on the roof.
You are never safe in this house of brokenness but
That is a story to tell through wine bottles.
Hell is a myth that more often-than-not exists so
Ignite the fire with the flames of your hands and
Never, ever, stop the burning of your
Green eyes.

Yesterday’s news is not something I live by.
Over-dramatized lust is not my type but
Under-the-weather with love just might be.

And inside your mind is a fucking wonderland.
Reckless but beautiful and beautiful but damned.
Everything you touch is a god damned wonderland.


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