I’ve got a new poem for you guys, and it’s a pretty personal one.

I guess sometimes life can come at you swinging in all different directions. You have choices to make; things to figure out and you often lose sense of yourself and forget to ask: what is it I want? It’s an important question to ask yourself from time to time.

If you like the poem or can relate to it in any way, let me know in the comments below – I love to hear from you guys.

A Skeleton in Boots and Jeans

A skeleton in boots and jeans
just got lost in a coffee mug.
Because it seems as if,
knuckles embracing a
slightly chipped handle,
is the same as contemplating life
on a miserable Sunday evening.

And as You’re Gorgeous
takes over the radio in this
empty London coffee shop,
I realise that it’s closing soon…
and I obviously lose track of time
when images of you hijack my mind.

I watch you roll your eyes when you’re
pissed off with me for being… me.
That smirk you do with toothpaste lips,
from early rises and late-night surprises.

And these crossword puzzles
scattered upon sugar-coated tables
reminds me of our scars,
and just how far we’ve come, my love.

I may be a skeleton in boots and jeans,
but I am content with my bones.
This is me, and all I have to show.

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