Thursday again already? Well, you know what that means – throwback Thursday! Today I’m sharing a couplet poem I wrote a little while back. It’s called ‘Perfume and Flashbacks’ from Blog 88 and it’s about how the senses are such a powerful thing when it comes to emotions, especially when something you see/hear/smell reminds you of somebody close to your heart.

‘Perfume and Flashbacks’

I walk past the perfume shop
inhaling flashbacks of you.

My palms began to sweat.
They always used to.

My mouth dried up.
It always would do,

I walk into the perfume shop,
finding myself smiling,

as my heart began to race
at the thought of

my lips on your lips,
savouring your taste.

“Excuse me,” she says.
“Could I squeeze past?”

“Sorry,” I say,
as I buy the perfume.

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