Here’s a poem to the young ladies who, for whatever their reasons, thought I had the hots for them.

I was fifteen. I came out. Got a girlfriend. And 80% of the female population was scared to go near me in case I pounced on them or something. Yeah… this is a poem for them. Cheers.

Parochial Eyes

Can’t you see,
that taking a bullet for her
just might be
the best thing I’d ever do? –
the most fucked-up thing
but entirely true.

I love her.

Dying for her, would be an honour.

You see, I don’t really care
about what you look like
beneath that dress,
because she is at home,
in my bed,
creating knots in the centre
of my chest.

I won’t fall for you.
Especially with those
parochial eyes you’re
testing me with,
judging me through,
I’ll do my very best.


What if I fell for you?
Wouldn’t I be in a mess?

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Wallflower is a journey through self-discovery to the realisation of the world around you. It is a greeting to those with a fear of belonging, an invitation to outsiders looking in, warm hugs to anyone who has ever loved and lost. A collection of twenty-one poems, brought to you by a fistful of passion from a chaotic mind.

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